Dr.Subhash Bhandari enjoys a countrywide reputation as an expert naturopath & a prolific writer. He has been practicing as a homeopathic & a naturopathic doctor in Nashik city for the last 15 years. Diploma holder in naturopathy from almost all the famous institutes in India, he also has Diploma in various drugless therapies like acupressure, massage therapy, magneto therapy etc. He also has Diploma & Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga from Kundalini Yoga Research Institute, Lucknow, and ‘Chartered Herbalist’ degree from Dominion Herbal College Canada. He was also honored with ‘Doctor of Medicine’ award by The Open International University for complimentary medicines for his work in the field of Naturopathy. He also has Diploma in Homeopathy & Homeopathic Pharmacy from the British Institute Of Homeopathy, London.

At his clinic in Nashik he effectively combines various complimentary therapies like nature cure, hydro therapy, acupressure, massage, fasting, juice therapy, flower remedies, herbs, magneto therapy etc. He has more than 15 years of experience in treating the patients with safe, effective, natural, non medical methods.

In addition to maintaining a private holistic health practice he is a columnist, author & has so far published more than 15 books. His books are highly appreciated by the people.
Founder Director of Nature Cure Institute which offers a very revolutionary home study course in Diploma in Naturopathy, he has been teaching thousands of people the importance of holistic health care & has lectured widely on Wheat Grass Therapy & Vegetarianism.

He is also a member of All India Naturopathic Association; Delhi, Nature cure Practitioners Guild; Mumbai, American Natural Hygiene Society Inc., Florida.
He is always willing to offer advice to those who come to seek his help.

I am a Naturopath because by & large I want people to Revert Back To Mother Nature which today people have sadly forgotten.

I want to revive and make people understand the marvels of the human body which is a master piece of Nature & that if you treat it with the highest respect & best of care, it will treat you like a dear & loving mother. If you transgress the law of Nature, you are bound to fall ill.

I want people to understand that Mother Nature gave us everything in beauty, bounty & in plenty & its cures can be advocated through the 5 elements of Nature (i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Ether & Air) in maintaining good health.

I want the common man to understand the importance of diet, laying more emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables & keeping to the barest minimum all refined starches, sugars & animal fats. I want people to understand or rather wean them away from the harmful effects of modern day drugs which only suppress and which could rear its ugly head again & again.

Some people are literally hooked to the modern day medicines. They go from one doctor to another in the faint hope of regaining their lost health. I want to explain to such misguided people the importance of Nature Cure & how the same can improve their lives by keeping the vital force activated and the defense mechanisms strong to combat or throw away any germ that comes to strike its internal anatomy.

I want people to understand that the human body is like a TEMPLE, which should be kept clean both internally & externally. It should be well defended. If any germs try to invade our body, it should be strong enough to repel & expel them.