Masturbation: Boon or Curse


Masturbation: Boon or Curse?

The act of touching your genitals for the purpose of feeling good or receiving pleasure is called masturbation. It is fulfilment of sexual desire by artificial means. But is masturbation normal?

It is a normal behaviour from a modern medical viewpoint. But from the viewpoint of alternative medicine (naturopathy, ayurveda, homoeopathy, flower therapy, electro homoeopathy) it is an abnormal practice & it’s after effects are very serious.

I am in the field of natural medicine & on the basis of my 25 years practice it can be said that masturbation is an abnormal practice & has many after effects.

The after effects include weakness, weak memory, emaciation, premature old age, sunken face, inactivity, loss of weight, lack of concentration, lack of confidence, thin sperm, atrophy of penis, impotency, pale face, fatigue sadness, indecision, premature greying of hair, premature ejaculation, inactive cold genitals, weak vision, reduced sperm count, reduced libido, depression, low self esteem.

Women also masturbate & the practice is equally harmful in females too.

The good news is that, there are solutions available to get rid of the problems listed above. IT is possible to get rid of this habit using homoeopathic remedies.

I have seen that wrong guidance has devastated millions of youth with some kind of physical or mental disorder. I have spent years developing a product which will be useful to young people addicted to this habit. It has been launched by the name ‘Formula-10’ & is made of micro-herbs, homoeopathy, flower remedies, & electro-homeopathy. It is a breakthrough in natural medicine.

For more details about this subject please read my book ‘Masturbation: Boon or Curse?

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