Nature Cure for Acne

acne-1024x683The common problem faced by a large number of Youth today is that of Acne. This skin problem is very distressing for young people as it usually manifests at an age when both boys & girls want to look attractive. Naturally, they end up spending heavily on attractively packed creams & lotions which may offer a temporary solution but prove futile in the long run.

The basic cause of Acne is an improper diet. Most of the people in their youth eat a lot of junk food. A large amount of Sweet or fried food overtax the liver, the skin thus has to do the job of detoxification. In short, Acne is a result of an outgrowth of toxic blood & fat saturation.

Instead of spending heavily on artificial creams & lotions & running from one specialist to the other, try these simple & effective solutions which prove as a permanent prevention measure.

  • Keep the bowels regular by drinking plenty of magnetised water
  • Consume a lot of fibre rich food, especially green salads & vegetables
  • Start your day with a glass of lime water instead of tea or coffee
  • Strictly avoid eating non-veg food such as eggs, meat, fish etc. Non-veg food is the primary cause for Acne
  • Avoid consuming Aerated Drinks
  • Instead stick to Juices, steamed vegetables, soups, salads, buttermilk etc.
  • If the problem is very severe, 3 days fast consisting on only liquid diet such as water, juices, buttermilk is advisable. This should be followed by enema & steam bath for detoxification
  • To purify the blood, a cup of Wheatgrass Juice every morning is advisable
  • Any exercise which will cause profuse sweating is a must
  • Mud or Multani Mitti (Fullers Earth) should be applied over the face 30 mins befor bath.
  • Homoeopathic medicines ‘ Berb. Aq. Q’, Biochemic ‘Calc Sulph-6x’ and ayurvedic ‘Manjisthadi Kadha’ are useful remedies for internal use.
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